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Global Crises
Today, mankind is facing ever worsening global crises which threaten its very existence. It is therefore of the utmost importance that we understand these crises and their causes in order to resolve them. The so-called mainstream mass-media and official channels are inadequate and are not designed to allow us to understand what is really happening around us and to us. For that, we need independent, objective, complex, wide-scope, long-range, in-depth scientific analyses of the factors and causes involved.

The main challenges and risk factors threatening mankind's existence:
- The pollution and destruction of the natural environment
- The depletion of natural resources
- Climate change and global warming
- Plagues
- Political, economic, social and idelogical clashes and crises
- Uncontrolled demographic growth
- Massive waves of refugees
- State corruption, criminal organizations, terrorism
- Religious fundamentalism, fanaticism, and conflicts
- Armed conflicts
- The deepening division of the world into two antagonistic power blocs: the Western and the anti-Western bloc

The fundamental cause of all the problems facing humanity is the global political-economic system, more specifically the interest groups in control of this system: these are the groups and individuals participating in the network of organizations linked to George Soros, the Bilderberg Group, the World Economic Forum, and other such groups. The main features of this system are the global capitalist colonial-imperial structure and its liberal ideological propaganda and dictatorship ("political correctness"). The purpose of the interest groups imposing and promoting this political and economic system and ideology is global domination through political, economic, and ideological colonialism and imperialism. Nation-states, and more specifically national interest groups, form the main resistance facing the global domination of the capitalist colonial-imperial political and economic system and its liberal ideology, and that is why the interest groups in control of this global system seek to weaken nation-states by dividing them up into antagonistic groups with socio-economic classes, political polarization, religious sects, native vs. non-native peoples, and other special interest groups. The global capitalist system is waging total war against the classical nation-states, and against traditional moral and cultural values. The main weapons deployed by the global capitalist system are the mainstream political parties, multinational corporations (including banks), international organizations (UN/WHO, IMF, EU, NATO, WTO, World Bank, etc.), the mainstream mass-media, the liberal ideological propaganda, and other means ("smart" machines and artificial intelligence, the educational system, pharmaceuticals, genetically modified organisms, mass migration, etc.).

Historical Background
Humanity has long been oppressed by religious, political, and economic systems which sought to enslave and exploit the masses: the ancient slave-holding city-states and empires which were called "civilizations", and which called those people who resisted them "barbarians", the feudalism of the Middle Ages, and the various phases of capitalism: the commercial and industrial capitalism of previous centuries, the "state-capitalism" of communism, and the global capitalism of today which is a direct threat to the sovereignty of nation-states. Due to their own internally generated conflicts and unsustainablity, the systems of the past have all collapsed, and global capitalism is on track to follow them. During the previous centuries, the American (1776), French (1789), English industrial (19th c.), and Russian (1917) revolutions (which many still view as "progress") have given mankind the "gifts" of liberalism, capitalism, and communism, forcing mankind onto a self-destructive path of ever-deepening and widening political, economic, social, and moral chaos and crises, and wars. - See: Allied Responsibility for the War of 1914-1945

The aggressive military interventionist and expansionist policy of NATO in the Middle East and Eastern Europe and the EU's political and economic policies are the main causes of the increasingly serious economic and security threats to global peace and stability (See: EU-NATO responsibility for the Russian-Ukrainian War). The Western capitalist multinational corporations have also played a key role in providing China the economic growth and technology which has allowed that state to become a major global economic, political and military power and thus creating a new threat under the form of an expansionist hybrid (politically communist and economically capitalist) colonial-imperial state.

Globalization: The New Colonialism and Imperialism
Colonialism and imperialism mean that foreign powers take over lands belonging to other peoples who are the original inhabitants of those lands, bringing foreign settlers, and militarily, economically, politically, culturally and ideologically subjugating the indigenous peoples and their lands, exploiting and exterminating them. In the past, these colonial and imperial foreign powers were states, but today, multinational corporations are increasingly taking over this role.

Globalization means first and foremost that private and state-owned capitalist industial, commercial, and financial corporations have expanded their activities worldwide. This has led to an unprecedented accumulation and concentration of wealth which has given these multinational corporations control over natural resources, national economies and governments, scientific research, technological development, and information. Globalization is driven by the interest groups in control of the global network of industrial, commercial, and financial multinational corporations. The prime interest of these capitalist corporations and banks is to maximize their profits, and for this they want the so-called "free market" system which allows them to operate freely without any state control and to exploit the masses as cheap labour and consumers. The major capitalist corporations have accumulated such wealth and power that they have effectively created a new global imperial system: they control national economies, they control states through subservient governments, and they also control the mass media. This global capitalist system based on the false principle of continuous economic growth is unsustainable and constitutes the greatest threat to humanity: in order to maintain and increase their wealth and power, the capitalist corporations interfere in the internal affairs of nations and states, violating their right to self-determination and sovereignty, they harm their economic interests and subject their economic development to foreign interests, generating foreign economic dependence and financial debt, economic, social and political instability and crises. This neo-colonialist system is also responsible for the destruction of the global ecosystem and climate change, wars, and mass migration, which threaten the security and existence of nations and states. The profit-oriented global capitalist market economy has degraded humanity and its higher values to the level of disposable merchandise.

The Failure of Western Liberal Democracy
Western Liberal Democracy is not a real democracy, it has been hijacked by certain interest groups: the corporate, political and religious ideological, and other special interest lobbies. The mainstream political parties are merely puppets and mouthpieces serving the agendas of these influential interest groups, regardless of whether they are conservative or liberal, the conventional one-dimensional political left-right spectrum has become obsolete and meaningless. The currently propagated version of Western liberalism is harmful to the real interests of society: this liberal ideology subordinates the interests and rights of society and national communities to the interests and rights of individuals and certain groups, neglecting the obligations and responsibilities of these individuals and groups towards the whole of society and national communities, and imposing the views, claims, and interests of certain groups upon the whole of society. One of the most glaring examples of how harmful this liberal ideology has become is the fact that criminals enjoy greater protection of their rights than their innocent victims.

Liberalism has become an ideological tool in the service of globalization used by certain interest groups to control societies and nations politically, economically, and through the mass-media. Liberalism and globalization are therefore used for colonizing nation-states, subjecting them to foreign interests, weakening their independence, national identity and unity, and marginalizing the groups representing local and national interests. More and more people are therefore rejecting liberalism and globalization as it is becoming increasingly evident that this ideology and system are harmful to the interests of society and nation-states.

The mainstream organized religions currently predominant in large parts of the world are also organizations having huge amounts of wealth and influence with billions of followers. These religious organizations are in fact similar in many ways to global private corporations seeking to increase their wealth and power over nations and states. Most of these religious organizations seek to project an image of benevolence, charity and humanitarianism in order to mask the darker truths about their past and current actions: these religions have been claiming that they are the only "true faith", and they have also been used to dominate peoples and to propagate supremacist ideologies claiming their own superiority and that of their followers, while justifying the subjugation or extermination of the non-believers. These organized religions and sects have caused and continue to cause many conflicts and suffering.

The Solution: An Alternative For A Better Future
In order to solve the many problems threatening the existence of mankind, radical changes are needed: a new world order based on two intricately linked fundamental principles: the self-determination of peoples and the sustainable management of natural resources. The systematic implementation of these two principles is necessary in order to resolve the many conflicts plaguing humanity and which are the result of colonialism and artificial state borders imposed by the major powers, and to stop the destruction and pollution of the natural environment. This means that the peoples of the world need to liberate themselves from the current oppressive and exploitative religious, ideological, political, and economic global colonial-imperial system.

Peoples' Self-Determination
The so-called "peoples' right to self-determination" has often been mentioned, but very seldom respected, especially in the case of indigenous and aboriginal peoples, who would be the most deserving of that right. True self-determination means complete political, economic, and cultural self-determination. This also means the rejection of colonialism and imperialism, of their religious and political ideologies, and therefore the current political state borders in many parts of the world must be revised as they have been imposed by force by the major powers through colonial and imperialist wars (including the war of 1914-1945), and these current borders violate the right to self-determination of many peoples throughout the world. Most of the current international borders and state territorial administrative divisions do not correspond to the real geographical distribution of ethnic groups. All ethnic groups are indigenous to specific territories. Self-determination also means that all ethnic groups have the right to live free from foreign interference in their own native lands, without being forced to emigrate or to accept the settlement of foreign ethnic groups on their native lands (artificial changes in the territorial distribution of ethnic groups imposed by foreign powers and interest groups). In order to achieve real self-determination, peoples who identify themselves as distinct ethno-linguistic groups who have inhabited a certain territory the longest, must regain their sovereignty and territorial integrity as independent nation-states. These independent nation-states must re-establish their own national sustainable economies and their own traditional national cultures.

Sustainable Resource Management
The current economic and demographic trends are unsustainable: rampant industrialisation and urbanisation, the destruction and pollution of the natural environment, and the demographic explosion in many poor and unstable regions of the world causing mass migrations. In order to reverse these unsustainable trends, uncontrolled industrialisation, urbanisation and demographic growth must be reversed, economies must become environmentally friendly and sustainable, and more localized. The destruction and pollution of the natural environment must also be stopped: fossil fuels and plastics must be replaced by clean sustainable energies and products, the depletion of natural resources and the destruction of biodiversity and forests must also be stopped. Clean technologies must be harnessed and new technologies must be developed in order to reverse the human impact on the planetary ecosystem, to reverse deforestation, desertification, global warming, the mass extinction of animal species, and to provide clean and environmentally friendly solutions for human living requirements (energy, food, shelter, transportation, etc.). It is time to adapt and apply the fundamental principles of the traditional nature-centric cultures and sustainable management of natural resources developed by indigenous peoples and which has enabled them to survive for millennia before humanity strayed on the wrong path lured by the illusions of civilization and progress.

Systemic transformation for a better future
Governments world-wide have broken the Social Contract. The Social Contract means that the people relinquish voluntarily a portion of their rights in order to delegate authority to representatives who form a government. The purpose of these governments is to serve and protect the interests of the people. The fact is that governments have not fulfilled their obligations under the Social Contract, and have become the agents of special interest groups and multinational corporations in control of the the current global political-economic system, thereby causing great harm to peoples world-wide through globalization, environmental destruction and pollution, and conflicts. Most mainstream political parties and governments are corrupt and incompetent, and have failed to respect their obligations under the Social Contract. The era of the political parties and of the dominance of the special interest groups currently in control of the global system must come to an end. It is therefore the right of the people to recall and remove these failed governments from power, and replace them with a real democratic and representative system where elected officials must meet the highest and strictest standards of professional, ethical and moral qualifications, in order to implement the required changes in the global political and economic system.

The Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society groups working for environmental protection, human rights, indigenous peoples' rights, democracy, national independence, and social justice could play an important role in bringing about the required changes in the global political and economic system, however, it is a well known fact that many NGOs and civil society groups have links to pro-globalization interest groups such as the Soros organizations, and have left-wing and liberal ideological leanings. These NGOs and civil society groups would be well advised to break away from the pro-globalization interest groups and their left-wing and liberal ideological bias. The left-wing internationalist ideologies such as communism, socialism, and liberalism are incompatible with the real interests of sovereign nation-states and with the principle of self-determination of peoples. The left-wing and liberal ideologies, along with other obsolete and harmful political and religious ideologies, must therefore be relinquished to the trash bin of history. NGOs and civil society groups need to mobilize, organize and coordinate their actions in order to bring about the required global political and economic changes. Speeches and demonstrations are not enough, the interest groups controlling the current global system will not voluntarily relinquish or share their power and wealth. There must be fundamental legal political and economic systemic changes and a real transfer of power and wealth in order to implement the necessary transformations required for a new world order and a better future.

Profit-oriented, unsustainable, globalized economic development Environmentally friendly, people-centric, and locally oriented economies, based on sustainable resource management and self-sufficiency
Multinational Corporations Breaking up multinational corporations and conglomerates into environmentally and socially responsible smaller locally-controlled national entities
Environmental destruction, depletion of natural resources, decline of bio-diversity and climate change: deforestation, desertification, mass-extinction of species, global warming Environmental restoration: reforestation, better water management and replanting of vegetation cover, protection of natural resources and bio-diversity
Fossil fuels, green house gas emissions Clean, green, renewable sources of energy
Pollution Stopping the use of plastics and other dangerous chemicals, environmental cleanup and eliminating waste
Urbanization and industrialisation Stopping and reversing urban, agricultural, and industrial development: real green jungles instead of concrete jungles, and a more environmentally-friendly alternative to asphalt-covered roads
Overpopulation Population levels must be brought under control to a manageable level and stabilized: stopping the uncontrolled demographic growth in certain parts of the world, while those countries which are experiencing popuation decline need to increase their domestic fertility rate
Mass-migration The political and economic conditions need to be created in order to allow peoples to remain in their homelands and to allow as many refugees as possible to return to their lands of origin
Conflicts and wars A new international system must be put in place in order to resolve conflicts peacefully, including the necessary adjustments of borders, based on the principle of the self-determination of peoples
The broken Social Contract: the current corrupt and failing political party-system Replacing the current failed political systems with a real environmentally and socially responsible, competent democratic and representative system
Latest Update: 2022.10.12